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Tribulus and Bodybuilding

Not Just Any Tribulus!

Tribulus Terrestris is a very unique and potent natural herb. Tribulus supports the increase the production of lutenizing hormone which lead to increased testosterone level. Tribulus Terrestris is reputed to support increased production of seminal fluid, not only by volume but by sperm count, at the same time supporting increased sexual performance in both men and women. Tribulus Terrestris works synergistically to stimulate male sexual prowess through a non hormonal pathway, by supporting the body's own hormonal feedback system, and may also assist in improved athletic performance.

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Much of the interest surrounding Tribulus terrestris is based on its ability to naturally support raised testosterone levels. Testosterone, a hormone that plays a vital role in muscle growth, is traditionally seen as a symbol of youth and vitality. In much the same way that the menopause indicates a change in female hormone levels, the andropause (also known as the male menopause) reflects a decline in testosterone levels.

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